Greater Cleveland Psychiatry was born out of the idea that clinicians are the best at managing a mental health clinic.

Clinics should be run by clinicians, not business minded people without experience in treating patients. Our clinicians are local and know the community you live in. And that is what Great Cleveland Psychiatry is: a clinic run by clinicians with the sole purpose of treating people for their mental health needs.

Psychiatrists are physicians and have dedicated their lives to learning, teaching and practicing the art of medicine.

Other clinicians such as counselors, therapists, psychologists, social workers and other physicians are integral to a person’s mental health. These clinicians should be supported to treat patients in an environment centered on mental health care, not just profiting. Greater Cleveland Psychiatry was built to support people, whether they are our clinicians or patients. People are not clients, appointments, cases or account numbers. Our patients are humans and a valued part of our community. Being entrusted to help people with their mental health symptoms so they can live their lives in a great honor.

We are committed to supporting our clinicians to be the best clinicians they can be because this best serves our patients. We only hire personable, knowledgeable and compassionate clinicians interested in treating patients with evidence-based treatments, whether those treatments are pharmaceutical, therapeutic or holistic.

We are passionate about helping those in our community. You will not find another clinic or team in the area as dedicated as Greater Cleveland Psychiatry.