Treatment Options

Treatment Options

What are the Different Types of Psychiatric Appointments?

Many factors can go into a psychiatric appointment. Each Psychiatrist has their own style but also the treatment modalities dictate how an appointment is run. There are different types of appointments. Some appointments are initial assessments. Initials appointments can be the only appointment with a particular psychiatrist and called a “consultation”. At the end of a consultation, the psychiatric might recommend another Psychiatrist who specialized in a particular issue or another clinician for a specific type of therapy. By the way, this could mean that a person believes they are meeting with a psychiatrist they’ll continue to see after an [read more]

What is a Psychiatric Assessment?

I believe part of the apprehension in meeting with a psychiatrist is the unknown. Hopefully, in sharing some information about initial appointments with the Psychiatrist, you can know what to expect. Now, again, no one schedules with a psychiatrist for fun and I don’t think after reading this you’ll expect to leave the Psychiatrist's appointment with a huge smile. I do believe information is important and knowing what to expect can lower anxiety. Every psychiatrist has a different style to their assessment. Assessments are essentially a series of questions that provide information for the Psychiatrist to create an idea [read more]

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