What are the Different Types of Psychiatric Appointments?

Many factors can go into a psychiatric appointment. Each Psychiatrist has their own style but also the treatment modalities dictate how an appointment is run. There are different types of appointments. Some appointments are initial assessments. Initials appointments can be the only appointment with a particular psychiatrist and called a “consultation”. At the end of a consultation, the psychiatric might recommend another Psychiatrist who specialized in a particular issue or another clinician for a specific type of therapy. By the way, this could mean that a person believes they are meeting with a psychiatrist they’ll continue to see after an [read more]

What To Expect Meeting with a Psychiatrist

Often meeting with a Psychiatrist can be scary. Many people assume it will be an unpleasant experience. It does not help that movies and TV shows often show Psychiatrists as villains. I often tell my patients who are meeting with me for their first sessions (called an “Initial Psychiatric Evaluation or Assessment”) that I’ve never met anyone who schedules with a psychiatrist for fun. People schedule to meet with a psychiatrist because there is something they are hoping to improve. Or in some cases, something someone else is hoping will change. Many people schedule with a psychiatrist because someone else [read more]

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