What is a Psychiatric Assessment?

I believe part of the apprehension in meeting with a psychiatrist is the unknown. Hopefully, in sharing some information about initial appointments with the Psychiatrist, you can know what to expect. Now, again, no one schedules with a psychiatrist for fun and I don’t think after reading this you’ll expect to leave the Psychiatrist's appointment with a huge smile. I do believe information is important and knowing what to expect can lower anxiety. Every psychiatrist has a different style to their assessment. Assessments are essentially a series of questions that provide information for the Psychiatrist to create an idea [read more]

What To Expect Meeting with a Psychiatrist

Often meeting with a Psychiatrist can be scary. Many people assume it will be an unpleasant experience. It does not help that movies and TV shows often show Psychiatrists as villains. I often tell my patients who are meeting with me for their first sessions (called an “Initial Psychiatric Evaluation or Assessment”) that I’ve never met anyone who schedules with a psychiatrist for fun. People schedule to meet with a psychiatrist because there is something they are hoping to improve. Or in some cases, something someone else is hoping will change. Many people schedule with a psychiatrist because someone else [read more]

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